The thing about meditation

The thing about meditation

Meditation is where you sit and you quiet your mind and you focus on something. It can be your breath, or some relaxing music, or a sound in the room.

The point is that you are focusing on that and you are not thinking other thoughts.

You mind isn’t racing or worrying over something or whatever it tends to do all day.

By having this focus and sustaining it you eventually get into the “meditative state”. It is a shift, you can feel it.

Physically your brain has gone into the alpha brainwave state. Normal waking is called beta, meditation state is alpha. The brain waves slow down and generally we feel peaceful and good.

Alpha State: (9 — 13Hz) Brain waves start to slow down out of thinking mind. We feel more calm, peaceful and grounded. We often find ourselves in an “alpha state” after a yoga class, a walk in the woods, a pleasurable sexual encounter or during any activity that helps relax the body and mind. We are lucid, reflective, have a slightly diffused awareness. The hemispheres of the brain are more balanced (neural integration).

✨You only need to do it for 15-20 minutes in your day. ✨

You don’t need any kind of special pillows or incense or anything. But if you’d like to have those things more power to you.

The thing about meditation is you become more and more youI sit on my couch, and put a blanket up over my legs, as I get cold when I stop moving.

I go into the meditation with the intention to “let my cork float” which is really saying to shift back into our natural state of connection and joy. ✨

I follow a gently guided meditation track, which has music I’m suppose to focus on breathing along with.

Some days it’s a total battle!

I spend nearly the whole 15 minutes dragging my thoughts back to what I’m focusing on.

I find myself lost in a thought, and then have a “what was I doing? Oh yes, float the cork”. Some days I battle for a few minutes and then I can relax into the state.

It’s all ok. 🙂

When I first started getting consistent with this practice, oh man I hated it so much! I didn’t realize that battling my thoughts was normal, and I felt like I was failing at it. I hate to fail at things! So I stopped for a while.

And I found my stress levels increased. It’s amazing what 15 minutes in a day can do for you.

I invite you to create a meditation practice of your own.

Find an app, get some music, focus on the air-conditioner or whatever sound is in the room with you. Don’t make a fuss if you cat comes to pester you, or you text message sound buzzes. Simply focus your thoughts back on what you were focusing on.

✨The intention to connect with the fullness of you/ higher self/ to just feel good, is the key. ✨

Meditation is like exercise, it’s better to do a little every day, then not do any and suddenly do 2 hours on day.

But as always, some is better than none 😉

For my daily mindset practice I do a 15 minute float the cork meditation, and then I do 3 pages of mindset journaling. Usually somewhere in this journaling I get inspired ideas of things to do today and I write them on my awesome todo list.

My whole mindset practice takes me less than an hour in my day. It’s become a thing that I feel weird now if I don’t do it. Get your copy of my awesome to do list below.

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