The Universe is Amazing and Law of Attraction is Awesome

The Universe is Amazing and Law of Attraction is Awesome

The law of attraction is an amazing thing. It always works. It can work quickly or it can work slowly, which is all up to us, and how much resistance we have. I had an experience recently that showed me exactly how quickly it can work. I have the book “Think and grow rich” I’ve read some of it, but not made it through the whole thing yet. I found it in my “to read” pile again the other day and put it on my desk where I would see it.

Think and Grow RichIt stayed there for a few days, and then on Sunday I sat at my desk to make some content for the week. I decided first I’d clear out a few emails, and I happened to open one from Pinterest, normally I just delete those without opening them. In it were quote images with quotes from Napoleon Hill from Think and grow rich. I glanced over at his book on my desk and thought, ha that’s kinda neat.

I clicked on another email from a mindset person I follow and decided to listen to one of her FB lives linked in it, while I was creating my graphics. She started by talking about a chapter from the book Think and grow rich.

This all happened within less than 10 minutes. 

This is the power of the universe we live in! When we get on a subject that we don’t have resistance on, the law of attraction serves us more of that.

Law of Attraction in action! It isn’t judging us, it’s like gravity that way. You drop something and it falls. Law of gravity, you think on a frequency and you get more experiences of that frequency back. Law of attraction.

Some subjects we have lots of resistance, so they don’t come as quickly to us, cuz we are thinking about what we want, but then talk ourselves out of it. Money is like that for many people.

Pretty awesome stuff when you get to see it in action. See if you can see in action in your life.

An easy way is often when people are looking to get a certain type of car. Suddenly all they see is that kind of car everywhere.

Ready to up your abundance?

Play some abundance games! Every day you “receive” an amount of money from the Universe, and it’s your job to spend it. Abundance games are a fantastic way to get into the flow of money breath, the in and out of money and shift from scarcity to abundance!

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