Visual Intuition

Open your clairvoyance, learn to see what you feel/ know/ hear

How do I access my clairvoyant abilities?  

How do I begin to trust what I see?

How do I control it so it isn’t overwhelming?

Are you ready to bring your clairvoyance abilities on line? Access your visual intuition?

Are you a healer, coach or intuitive who’s been working on developing your intuition, and you’re finding the visual part, well it just isn’t quite there yet?

Or are you developing your intuition and you’d really like “to see”?

This is the program for you!

Yes! This is sooo what I’ve been looking for.

Sign me up now!

So many people have patterns around “I don’t see things” or “I can’t see”.

The truth is everyone can do this. Everyone has visual intuition abilities. It is a skill you can learn. Like you learned to tie your shoes or brush your teeth. It’s like a ‘muscle’ and you can do things to strengthen it.

Imagine what would your life be like if you could see your intuition, if you could learn to see and connect strongly with your guides and non-physical teams.

How many more lives could you impact?

How would your life change?

This skill, the tool is visual intuition. It is also known as clairvoyance, if we are using the fancy name for sees things.

Regardless of what you call it, it is a way of receiving intuitive information in the form of picture and symbols. You can then learn what these symbols mean to you, you can play with them, change them and ultimately as a result, have things in your world change for the better.

PLUS it is just a really really fun way to receive information.

This is a step into a larger world. Do you want to come and see how far this rabbit hole goes?

That is exactly what this program is designed to do!

We will go through:

  • What visual intuition is, and what it isn’t
  • How to access it
  • How to build the trust with what you see
  • and how to control it so it isn’t overwhelming.

If you’ve been using your intuition, your clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, BUT not yet using images, THIS COURSE is for you!!

If you want to develop your intuition and feel excited about being able to see your intuition, this is for you!!

This is my first time offering this program and I would like to extend it to you at an investment of only $297. The value is $1297. So join now, become one of the first to take this training, agree to be a participant in my case study and save $1000. It is a win-win scenario for you!!!

So… if you want this, if you really want this …. Now is the time.

Who am I to teach this? I’m Amandalee, and I could see energy colours and angels and guides when I was a kid. Going to school, some kid said that was weird, and I was weird. I wanted to fit in and not be weird, so I shut everything off.

Amandalee Sparks-HattAs I was coming up to my 30th birthday, I felt like something was missing in my life. I remembered stories my mum used to tell me about me seeing energy. I re-evaluated my decision and went on a journey to turn it all back on.

I read every book I could get my hands on, took many classes in intuition and energy healing, and eventually succeeded.

I’m the perfect guide to help other people with this skill. I know it’s possible to turn visual intuition back on, I’ve done it myself.

I have tried and true activities and practices that I used and have developed to be even better.

Join me, and get your visual intuition working for you,  you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t you want to have all the tools in your tool box?

The break down:

Week 1:

  • How to tell when you’re using clairvoyance vs imagination
  • 3 techniques to use to access information
  • Guided visualization practice

Week 2:

  • Holograms and other useful constructs for information processing
  • Strengthening your intuition connection channel
  • Building trust with your intuition

Week 3:

  • Discerning between actual images and metaphors
  • Practice, feedback and questions
  • Techniques to make decisions easily and quickly

Week 4:

  • How to control your clairvoyance and not be overwhelmed
  • Stepping into remote viewing
  • How to use these techniques to increase your own abilities and manifest what you want

There will be a private Facebook group to post experiences and wins as well as ask questions and find practice partners.

By the end of these 4 weeks you will know when you are accessing your visual intuition and will be well on your way to trusting it.

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