We do things in cycles

We do things in cycles

We are cyclical. Meaning we do things in cycles. We do one thing, and then swing the pendulum the other way and do the opposite. It seems to be a constant strive for change and balance. For a few months I was really focused on engagement and visibility for my business on Facebook. I have some immediacy tendencies. I want it and I want it NOW. So I went a little extreme. I created weekly posts, 2 value and 1 promo and I was putting them in 22 groups. I kept this up for about 8 weeks.

For a while it was fun, once I’d made my colour coded spreadsheet so I knew exactly what I was posting where, keeping track of the days that allowed me to post my promos in which groups.

We go through things in cyclesThen I shifted things in my business, and my offers changed. I found that the 22 groups weren’t all enjoyable. And I wasn’t able to do much engagement in them. Some of that was because there wasn’t anyone else posting in some of the groups, and some was there just didn’t seem to be anything I had anything to say on. I don’t say anything if I have nothing to say.

I realized that I swung the pendulum the other way the last few months. Hardly putting out any content anywhere. This is a cycle with me. Over do it, then under do it. Also someone pointed out that I hadn’t put out any kind of offer of how people could work with me in weeks. No wonder I wasn’t making the sales I wanted!

I tried to over complicate things, and fell victim to my perfectionist self again. I like things to be exactly done right, where I do everything possible to make sure it works the way I want and such. Trouble is, I can’t control other people’s experiences, and if I were to not understand how to do something, I’d leave it. I have many half finished projects and blog posts and such.

Now that I can see I’ve gone through my cycle again, I’ve raged, I’ve gotten down on myself, I decided to do better, I shifted my patterns and I’ve made a new plan.

Now I’m wanting more structure. I’ve created a content posting schedule, one that I’ve built flexibility in, as I know I get bored and then unmotivated if I have too rigid of a structure.

I know that I need some kind of structure in my life, but also that it has to be flexible enough that I can go with my intuitive hits and inspired action guidance, that I’m not locked in.

I’ve learned that if I lock myself into a schedule too tightly I rebel and get tired of it all and basically don’t accomplish anything I mean to do. My energy gets all bound up and crosswise, and then it’s really hard to get some good flow working, as I’m all over thinking which task needs to get done.

I find my todo list super helpful to keep me on track. Sometimes it turns into a weekly todo list, and some days I can cross off my most important tasks. I find it inspiring and motivating and a pleasure to look at. You can get one below.

What do you use to keep yourself motivated and moving towards things you want? I used to go for utilitarian things. But in the last few years, I’m embraced my desire for things to be pleasing to look at. For so many years I was so afraid of people judging me for how I like things, that I didn’t let myself have things I wanted.

That’s incredibly silly notion. Who can I be if I’m not being me? 

There’s only me to be, and only I know how to be me. So I’m working on not worrying what other people are thinking about me.

Sometimes I slip, but usually I realize that I’m doing it again and have to reaffirm that I’m living my life for me.

Do you find you accommodate yourself too much for other people?

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