What do you know about auras

What do you know about auras?

Do you know you have an aura? It is an energy field that is an extension of your energies, and that it extends past your physical body? It is also connected to your chakras. Auras contain all kinds of information about what’s going on with us and what we’re manifesting.

What do you know about auras

Often when someone tunes into you to give an intuitive reading, they are interpreting what energies are in your aura. They might not know that they are doing this though.

Auras are ever changing as the energy fields move much faster than the physical plane. You can grow and shrink your aura by changing your emotions.

aura toolsPeople have developed tools to see this. There’s some basic ones which are just two metal dousing rods. (See the image to the right).

Then there are super complex machines that you put your hand on sensors and a computer creates a graphic you can see.

It started with Kirlian photography in the late 1880s to lat 1930s. Pretty neat stuff.

“The Kirlians conducted experiments in which photographic film was placed on top of a conducting plate, and another conductor was attached to a hand, a leaf or other plant material. The conductors were energized by a high-frequency high-voltage power source, producing photographic images typically showing a silhouette of the object surrounded by an aura of light.” Source

“Kirlian photography is a technique for creating contact print photographs using high voltage. The process entails placing sheet photographic film on top of a metal discharge plate. The object to be photographed is then placed directly on top of the film. High voltage is momentarily applied to the object, thus creating an exposure. The corona discharge between the object and the plate due to high-voltage is captured by the film. The developed film results in a Kirlian photograph of the object.” Source

Kirlian Photography
Photograph is A Kirlian Photography, female fingertip 1989

Photography By Sérgio Valle Duarte – Own work, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63980347

The cool thing is you can manipulate your aura energies. This is something that can be taught, and you can allow someone else, like an energy healer to do it for you as well. Your mind makes it real, the trick is to believe it and not talk yourself out of what you’ve just done. If you are at all sensitive and empathic it is wise to do daily energetic maintenance yourself, and see a energy healer you vibe with often.

Interpreting aura colours is a very individual thing. There are some books written on it, but you gotta remember if you’re going to read those books that they are from that author’s point of view, and it might not match with yours.

When I’m doing an aura reading, I get the meaning for each colour for that person in that moment in time. Red can mean the same thing for many people, but it doesn’t always.

I found as I built my language with my non-physical teams, we got more complex as time went on. Now instead of just a colour, I’ll see some shades of that colour that mean different things.

It’s pretty fascinating stuff. What do you know about auras? Have you ever had questions about them? Put your questions in the comments and I’ll answer them 🙂

I do aura readings as well as paintings. Click the image to see the different options if to get one 💜

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