What if your creative work loves you

What if your creative work loves you?

So from listening to Liz Gilbert’s podcast with the interview with Neil Gaiman, and the writer from the Netherlands, I decided to take up the practice of writing for an hour each day. Today is the first day of starting that practice, and I can’t believe the resistance I went through to actually sit down and do it.

Fear coursed through my veins, anxiety spiked, thoughts raced through my head. 

I tried to find many things “I had to do” instead of sitting here and writing. I brushed Lucy cat, my own hair and then finally said “fuck it”, went and got my awesome intuition enhancing earrings (Tanzanite Lavender Aura Quartz for the win!) and hair clip from Hawaii.

I sat down, and still the resistance happened. I said to myself “I’ll just check on my farm game while I finish my coffee and then start writing”.

The funny thing, is after that thought another came, and I saw myself writing this exact thing I’m writing. 

Writing about how I struggled and finally just did it. It doesn’t matter that I’m not yet starting on my novel, or if this writing is good enough to be seen. It matters that I am here, fingers to keyboard, aligning meditation finished and getting words out where there hadn’t been any before.

In her book Big Magic, Liz Gilbert gave me many things to ponder, the biggest of which is: fear isn’t going away, it’s always coming along for the ride, the point is to not let it drive or steer or navigate. It’s just a passenger who will sometimes say the most annoying things, over and over, day after day. 

I think the trick is to just acknowledge and tune out.

What if your work loves you?

The other concept she brought up that I really love is that “what if your work loves you?”.

Instead of this struggling artist and drunken writer meme that we’ve got going on culturally, what if your work chose you to be created through.

This is such an amazing thought!

This means I don’t have to “wrestle a novel into submission” I can instead invite it over for tea and conversation. We can discuss in my mind what lovely thing it wants to be, and it can be an inspiring force in the creative process.

This takes the pressure off me. I’ve been wanting to write a novel for years, and it has been in my top 3 goals for 2016 to get a first draft of a novel written. Here we are end of first week of November, and I’m still struggling with an idea for a novel.

What if I only have to sit for a quiet meditation and invite the novel who wants to be created through me in? What if all I have to do is simply ask “how can I easily create an amazing novel?” And receive the inspired guidance. How joyful of a creation project could that be? It’s exciting to think about! 😀

If you need some help with getting out of your head, get my Energy Pattern Clearing recording on clearing writing self sabotage. It will help you clear those energy patterns and let you connect to your project with ease.

Energy pattern clearing is super helpful when we’re trying to change our patterns.

What do you think?

Have you ever thought of co-creating a creative project with the divine? Leave a comment and let me know.

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