What is clairvoyance?

What is clairvoyance?

People have different meanings assigned to the word clairvoyance. For some people it means weird being able to see the future stuff. For me, it’s one of the main 4 clairs – ways information is processed. It literally means clear seeing.That is how I answer the question, what is clairvoyance.

There is often confusion, as people think when we use our clairvoyance we are seeing things with our physical eyes. While this is possible and happens, it’s not the norm, at least for me.

The screen of the mind

The screen of the mindI utilize the screen of the mind. Which is like a large white theatre screen. Sometimes when I’m receiving info for myself or a client, it’s like the screen has disappeared, and I’m in the scene, observing from a little bit distant. Like when you’re watching a really good movie, you forget that you’re staring at a screen.

Our brains do a lot of their dealing with the information we access in the form of pictures. Once we understand this, accessing our clairvoyance becomes easier.

It’s important to know, that everyone has the capability to use clairvoyance, as well as the other clairs. We all have them all. Some will be easier for us to use then others, and some might be blocked. But we have them all.

There are many ways to develop our clairvoyance, and strengthen it. Developing it is basically developing our intuition, the information is just coming in the form of pictures.

As we develop our intuition through our clairvoyance we start to create our own language with our non physical teams. Seeing this image means this, etc. It starts small and builds the more you use it.

When I first re opened my clairvoyance, I would just see blobs of colour. Sometimes they’d be orbs of colour. It was very neat, but not very helpful. As I developed it further, and gained more trust, I learned to ask what it meant, and for clarification.

Our teams want to communicate with us, and they want us to get the message. So they are very happy to show different things, when we ask.

Some people get confused when they first start communicating consciously. Our teams of guides are like very dear, life long friends, who want us to get what we want and are not judging us, ever.

angel therapy practitioner ATPI read a lot of books by Doreen Virtue years ago when I was developing my clairvoyance. She had a language with her team. When She was looking at a client, and she saw a nurses cap, that meant that the client was a healer. I don’t have the same language. Our language comes from our filters of perception, built by our understanding of the world, as well as symbols from movies, books and culture.

I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy books growing up, as well as watched many movies in this genera. So I often get things like Star Trek references. Shields like the ones used on the spaceships, replicators etc.

It’s important to know that the teams aren’t sending us pictures, they are sending us information in the form of vibrations, we are then translating it into pictures that mean something to us.

Seeing without judging

One of the hardest things I find is letting myself see things without judging them, or putting labels on them from my logical mind. Clairvoyance is a right brained exercise, and we need the left brain to translate, but if the left brain is trying to run the day, it will label things and decide on meaning for things that may not be correct.

When doing readings or healings using our clairvoyance it is super important to make sure we are in a grounded, centered and aligned state. We’ve taken the time to get our own vibration up, and get ourselves and our biases out of the way, to be a clear channel for information.

Clairvoyance buttonOtherwise we’ll start talking out our ass, as I like to call it. When we’re just letting our left brain run away with info that we know, instead of receiving the guidance coming forth. This happens to all readers at some point or other. There is a subtle feeling shift when it happens. And if you’ve just given info that you think might’ve come from your mind instead of the guidance stream, that’s ok, just double check.

Clairvoyance is very fun and rather useful skill. Though it can be rather distracting. Once I opened mine back up, and was able to see energies, and chakras and such, I installed a dimmer switch on my clairvoyance. That way when I’m with a client I turn it up to 100% on, and when I’m not I can turn it down to around 50%, then it’s not so distracting.

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