Who I am is always changing

Who I am is always changing

Who I am is always changing, not because I am being fake, but because I am always open to growth and transformation.

This is something I think as humans we both know and don’t know at the same time. We are constantly changing, acquiring new information, new ways to do things, and because we spend the most time with ourselves, we don’t notice the change most of the time.

It takes people outside of ourselves to point it out to us, and then often we can see it.

Just think about growing up, if you had relatives you only saw once or twice a year, usually the first thing out of their mouths was something like “oh my look how you’ve grown!”

Our memories keep people as we last knew them, and sometimes as we’ve encoded them from even more previous time.

Growing up I had a friend with a cat, and then they got a puppy. The puppy irritated the cat, who gave it a good scratch on the nose. The dog, even though it grew and became 3 times the size of the cat. Is still afraid of that cat. 

We are super impressionable as kids, as we are learning and adapting to the world.

Most of us, take these childhood imprints and keep them as our reality. Things we’ve encoded like “it’s not safe to be seen” “money is hard to get” “I’m not good enough”.

These are false, untruths and out right lies! The truth of all of us is that we are worthy beyond measure, abundance is our birthright and we can have anything we desire.

I was the shyest kid. I wouldn’t speak to strangers, or say anything much at all. Much of this came from an imprint I acquired from being able to see energies and angels and going to school and having some kid say that was weird. 

I encoded “it’s not safe to be me” from that, and shut down all those abilities.

This imprint ran my life for 25 years. 

It was only when I felt something was missing, and went on a journey of rediscovery of myself, opening everything back up and delving into my intuitive and clairvoyant talents that I gained some self confidence and started moving into self acceptance.

I stepped into my healer abilities, found my passion, my super powers and area where I’m talented. I used these to heal so many imprints and falsehoods I encoded from childhood.

The imprint of “I’m not good enough” had been a constant companion to me for most of my life, and while it still shows up every once in awhile, there are many moments when I know that I am enough. It is an amazing feeling.

What childhood imprints are you carrying? What would your life be like without them?

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