Why it is so important to feel good

Why it is so important to feel good

I have a daily practice where I start my mornings listening to inspiring recordings while I drink my coffee and play casual games on my iPad.

I’m not a morning person and it usually takes me a bit of time to shift from zombie mode into myself again, and I found taking it easy in my morning, and then moving into my meditation practice sets up me up well for the rest of my day.

This week I heard Abraham-Hicks say on a recording, a thing that has totally been a missing piece for me in my understanding of the law of attraction.

Abraham-Hicks always talks about how important it is to feel good. When you feel good you are in alignment with your inner being/ universe/ source/ god and you now have access to power to allow in what you want.

Why it is so important to feel good is that’s when you’re in your power.

They’ve also said that if you’ve got 10 subjects and 2 of them are going well and 8 of them are not, if you focus on the 2 going well, the rest will eventually switch to going well.

This seemed to be a conundrum for me, as if your vibration was where you left it, but you didn’t focus on it to change it then how could it change?

On the recording I listened to they said,
when you’re in alignment and in the receiving mode of your source, you will be prompted to think about one of your subjects in a different way and that will change your vibration on that subject.


Here I was thinking I was going to have to do some process to clean up my vibration on topics where I wasn’t getting what I want, and really, omg I can barely believe that it is this simple and easy, but really you only need to get feeling happy and trust in Source/ God etc that they will guide you to what you want.

And they will do that by offering thoughts when we’re in the high flying place and able to receive them.

Mind blown.

It really can be that simple.

Omg. Like just whaaaat.

Feel good. Your work is to feel good. That’s why they keep saying that so much. Because EVERYTHING comes from feeling good.

Your singular work is to get happy!

I knew that on some level, but man this really just takes it deeper.

This is why is so important to feel good.

You will be naturally guided to shift your vibration on topics. There’s no need to actively do it, you can, but you don’t need to.

I love these moments! When I’m listening to a recording while playing a game and I hear something that just is the perfect answer to a question or a thing I didn’t understand.

Do you continuously learn about the law of attraction?

It’s one of my most fav things to do. I spend about an hour every day listening to Abraham-Hicks on YouTube. It really deepens my knowledge.

The repetition helps me to remember to access the things I want, and it helps me with my clients. I love helping my clients access more of who they are and use the awesome power of alignment to allow in more of what they want.

It’s so satisfying to see an amazing person recognize their worth, how deserving they are and put their offerings out to the world and get paid.

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