You are so very loved

You are so very loved

YOU are so VERY LOVED! Yes you! Do you know that you’re an energy being having a human experience? Do you know that not all of you came into this physical body? 💜

The part of you that didn’t come to the physical, I like the words Inner Being to describe it, use your preferred word (universe, source, God etc) loves you.

Be loveYour inner being loves you. Because you are part of the whole. Many of us struggle with feeling loved. People around us in our lives have often not shown us love the way we wish.

Love, like happiness, is an inside job. People outside can show us the way sometimes, but we need to not depend on them to feel it.

Easy way to feel this love
➡️ Take 3 deep breaths
➡️ Turn your attention into the area around your heart, (on the energetic, not the physical level)
➡️ This is an easy access point to your inner being.
➡️ Say “Inner being show me how much you love me” and feel the burst of love that comes forth for you.

I find if I sit in this feeling for a few seconds I get those intense happy tears.

✨It is easier to do this if you are feeling at least content or higher.✨

If you are bored or angry or fearful, you may not feel this love as strongly. It is still there, but your vibration is too low.

Raise your vibration by finding things to think about that make you feel good. 😃🦄💜

Tuning into this love every day will change your life.

Did you try it? Share what you felt in the comments 💜

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