Your energy is what people respond to

Your energy is what people respond to

So if I needed any more proof that energy is everything here it is.

I posted about my money block clearing call in 2 very large groups later in an evening, and as I did, I imprinted them both with “only people who need to see this will”.

These particular groups are very large and filled with people who… are a little reactive and quick to judge and comment from a place of not loving energy. Yet there are quite a few of my ideal clients lurking in there as well. 😉

Generally I get a fair bit of engagement from posts in those groups.

This time though, even though a friend of mine commented on one, I’ve got nothing from anyone else. No likes, no message about it. Nuttin. 😮

Super interesting!

Your energy is what people respond toI likely had a little bit of “don’t want no drama, only people who need to see this will”. In my energy imprinting. I dislike when people are mean to each other. 😐

It would’ve been better had I focused on:
“I’m offering a valuable service, and I know the people who need to see it will and all others will just pass on by”. 😁

Slight difference in vibration, but an important difference. 😉

People respond to your energy, and the energy you put into everything you do. 

Even if they don’t know that’s what they are doing. Mostly it’s all a below the surface type of thing, but if you know, you can put the energy you want into what you are putting out there. 💜

I’ve gotten very good at imprinting energies in things. I started years ago when I heard about people making Reiki candles. Candles infused with the energy of Reiki. I didn’t have anyone to teach me how to do it, and I was already making beeswax candles (my first business).

I wondered and thought about how that could be done.

Then one day when I was just kinda letting my mind roam I got a download of a vision and the knowledge of how to do it.

I made some, and then had a energy healer friend of mine see if she could sense them, without telling her what I had done.

I could feel and see the Reiki energy coming off them, but I didn’t have the trust in myself and my non-physical teams then that I do now, so I felt I needed outside validation.

She said they were the weirdest candles she’d ever experienced and she felt so relaxed and wonderful when burning them. I told her about imprinting the energy in the candles and then she got it. She didn’t even know that it was a thing you could do. 😉

I got my outside validation that time.

As things do, this imprinting progressed as I did over the years. I soon learned to imprint the newer higher frequencies of energies into jewelry, and now I’m imprinting specific frequencies into printed items.

I create some beautiful abstract art paintings, digitize it, and have it set up to be printed on demand. They are a visual mantra, as whenever you focus on them, even if it’s only for a second you start to activate that mantra and frequency of energy imprinted in it.

I am so happy about this progression! I’ve wanted to get some imprinted art out to the world for years, and law of attraction brought it to me in a way that I couldn’t have even imagined. 

✨What kind of energy are you putting out? What’s your underlying mindset about it?✨

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