Your thoughts are like a kitten

Your thoughts are like a kitten

Do you know that you can shift your thoughts to create a better reality for yourself? Training thoughts isn’t easy, but it can be. You need to be persistent. Think of your thoughts like a kitten.

Your thoughts are like a kitten

You need to give the kitten something to play with or she’ll go find something on her own to entertain herself and might just scratch up the couch! 😉

So choose a thought that you like the feeling it gives you. I like to use ones like “I love knowing that I’m a vibrational being” or “I do enjoy knowing that I can’t get it wrong and I never get it done”.

kitten stalking

If you’re having trouble finding a good feeling thought, be sure and go general. If you are not feeling good and you try to find a specific good feeling thought this can be too big of a vibrational jump from where you are, and unless you’re really good at living in the moment, you’ll fall back into the not so good feeling thoughts.

Energy and thoughts learn how you like to shape them. So once you start shaping them in a certain way, it gets easier and easier as you keep doing it.

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It works magic in people’s lives!

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