Youve got blinders on

You’ve got blinders on

You're wearing blinders quote

Last night I was chatting with one of my very good friends Amanda Lyn Dietrich who also has a spiritual heart centered business. I was a feeling a little discouraged by my perceived lack of progress in my business since I left my day job some months ago, and she offered to pull me some cards for guidance. Always happy to have cards pulled I readily agreed.

They were great cards, giving me encouragement and helping me to feel better over all. One thing to note is my friend is super sassy, and so the messages that come through her are also often very sassy. And because we’ve been friends for so long she doesn’t apply any filters and just spits out what she wants to say. Profanity and all. I love her for it. She needs to be herself so the message can come through clearly. She says that she tries to filter sometimes when she’s reading for clients. If you want to check her out here’s her Facebook page.

She pulls out this gem in the middle of my reading:

cockblocking quoteWhich was the underlying message of the whole reading. It came out early in the reading and I made an image quote that I’ve used at the top of this post. About blinders and eyelids and just open my eyes. We laughed for a good minute when that came out of her mouth.

It’s a bit silly, but very effective imagery. 

My blinders are simply my closed eyes, and opening them will solve my perceived problems. There was also a very strong message about making time more often to just sit and listen for the guidance as to what to do next. I’ve somehow let my meditation practice slide for the last month or so. Time to pick it back up again. 😉

Really it all comes down to perspective. Whether or not something is an obstacle or a stepping stone, is up to us. Make a choice, and choose wisely.

Quite strong words, and ones I thought needed to be shared.

How do you find yourself to be in your own way? Leave a comment and let me know.

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